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ASU Police Department



Author and Activist

Dr. Danarius Hemphill

BS. Alabama State 2008

PhD. Central Michigan 2014



Detroit Chapter Alumni Members

2018-2020 Chapter Officers

President Dr. Robert Bryant
Vice President Richard Clement
Treasurer Yvonne Coates
Financial Secretary Donitisha Bursey
Recording Secretary Cora Sheppard
Corresponding Secretary Lorinette Clark Editor ASU EWS
Chaplain Herman Phillips
Business Managers

Richard Clement / Alicia Thurmond

Parliamentarian Robert Bee Jr.
Courtesy and Hospitality Helen Barge

Lorinette Clark / Latoya Hall King

Founders Day Chair 2019 Dr. Robert Bryant / Lorinette Clark

President Barak Obama and Detroit Cass Tech HS Principal Lisa Phillips B.S. 1976


Marching Hornets Perform at the 2019 Tournament of Roses Parade - Pasadena CA


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269 Erskine Detroit MI 48201 @ 3:30pm

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Meet Dr. Hemphill

I'm Danarius and Wrongfully Convicted is not just My Story it is also my victory, my success and the venue needed for the wounds to be totally healed from within. I'm sharing my story so the next time you stumble you won't sit and doubt but be prepared to get back up and fight again. I’ve had plenty of adversity but each one taught me a lesson about my leadership, my strengths and myself. No one gets by without some type of Adversity, especially when you are on the journey toward your dreams!

With the release of 'Wrongfully Convicted' it is my vision to relay to the intended audience all the struggles, strategies, and the triumphant victory that has and is taking place within myself as I expose myself so that others who have gone through similar experiences begin to realize they too can be healed of the self-inflicted shame, depression and all the baggage that is attached to being molested

#MyASU is Good For You!


A Proud Member of the