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Chapter Presidents and University History

History of Alabama State University

Alabama State University's rich heritage of service to the people of Montgomery, the State of Alabama, and indeed the nation, began in Marion, Alabama, in 1866 as the Lincoln Normal School, a private institution.  Historically, this was ten years after Lincoln issued the "Emancipation Proclamation" and eight years after four million slaves were freed penniless.  It has as its aim "Higher Education of the Colored Race".  In 1874, it became the first state-supported, historically black institution and was for many years the only school of its kind in the southern states.


With the demands for diversification in careers and new opportunities for it graduates and the new emphasis on excellence, the University in recent years has expanded it role from that of a teacher-training institution to that of a multi-purpose university whose degree-granting programs and offerings are changing and growing to respond to the dynamic society.  The university practices an open-door policy to ensure that any student who desires to develop and expand his/her scholastic skills for personal, occupational or professional growth has the opportunity to do so regardless of socio-economic status.


The institution has undergone seven name changes and has been served by thirteen presidents. Today, Alabama State enrolls students in seven major units: University College, the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Business Administration, the College of Education, the School of Music, the School of Graduate Studies and Continuing Education, and the Division of Aerospace Studies.  The academic offerings range from the two-year associate degree, to the baccalaureate and master's degree, through the educational specialist degree programs.  The physical plant is approximately 83 acres and is valued at more than $60 million.


Detroit Chapter History

The Detroit Chapter was the first to be organized as an alumni chapter of the Alabama State University, during the latter part of the 1940s.  The need was great at this time, for those who had been fortunate enough to attend or graduate from the University to band together.  This effort was to ensure that no young person desirous of developing or expanding his/her scholastic skills would be turned away due to lack of funds.


During and immediately after World War II many Blacks migrated to the north from the south in search of better economic opportunities.  Many who migrated were teachers from the historic Alabama State University. By word of mouth, a few determined and courageous Alabama State University graduates spread the news rapidly that an alumni chapter was to be started in Detroit. 


After the birth of the Detroit Chapter, surrounding states and states all over the country began forming alumni chapters.  Today, we are indeed proud of the accomplishments being made by all the chapters.  These chapters makes up our illustrious National Alumni Association of the Alabama State University.


Chapter Presidents

Dr. Robert Bryant(left) 2018-2020 Univeristy Pres. Dr. Quinton Ross


Flora Vann 2015-2017




Darren Tatum(right) 2012-2014